Page 300!! And without missing an update too (pats myself on the back). So, if I update 3x a week and updated 300 times, does that mean I updated 100 weeks in a row without missing an update?

I’m happy to say that at pages 100 and 200 we had wrestling action and it continues! Anyone have any favorites from the last 100 pages or so? I’m sure the Sabrina and Sun fight would have to be up there and that led to the bonding session at Brooke and Michael’s love nest. We also go the Sun origin story as well as when the Upstarts clowned Hell’s Belles. So what are some of your favorite moments?

Picking back up where we left off on Wednesday, Krystin is continuing to torment the schoolgirl, this time dumping her into a trash can and generally beating the crap out of her. Can Sara rally or Krystin going to continue to dominate? The crowd is into the match. They’re supporting both girls, but the bigger chant is for Sara. More to come on Monday!