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Is this a rash decision? Yeah, but its kind of because Monica blames Sabrina for what happened with the Belles, and it could be that Sabrina’s not very happy with Monica’s attitude, pre-Brooke assault. Krystin seems to be getting through to Sabrina, but not in the way she wanted. She didn’t want Sabrina to brood on it, but now her reasoning is causing Sabrina to expose herself to a danger greater than winning and losing, all because Sabrina feels she’s got something to prove. Sabrina’s definitely a ‘hot dog’ in the ring, but she’s trying to define the difference between accomplished pride and vain ego. We’ve seen hints that some of the veterans are not happy with the attention that Sabrina gets from the front office and Sabrina’s not oblivious to that.

Clearly Sun is unhappy with this and decided to leave than be a part of it. Krystin’s still there, but obviously not very hip to Sabrina’s plan. And Brooke, well just where IS she going?

Over at the forums, the champ Brenda Rua has been letting her feelings known about the Hell’s Belles.  It’s definitely entertaining. XD

I was re-reading that first bit by Sabrina and thought, ‘Wow, that’s well said.’  I probably thought that because that was basically all Justin’s input.  He’s been helping me more and more on the writing with Rival Angels.  Before, I’d just bounce some ideas off of him but now he’s dialogue is increasingly becoming more prominent.  Panel 3 is all him too. XD