Not since Page 1-3 have we seen Sabrina in the Developmental league, back in Biloxi. You may notice the subtle differences in her costume from then to now. 😉  I almost goofed it up a few times but I think I kept it consistent.

Hopefully, it’s obvious, but the blue border box is Sabrina, the green border box is Sun and the black colored box are the fans they’re interacting with at Six Flags Great America.

So far so good for Sabrina, but as she’s already said, she’s going to lose this match even with Mistress Dark basically packing it in. Of course, there’s a certain redhead who’s ominously at ringside and longtime readers will remember who she is and what she’s doing there.

Wednesday’s update is going to be big. Not necessarily because of content but because it’ll be one whole year of Rival Angels (and without missing an update. XD). Its been a long/short great year and I’ll have more about where we’ve been and where we’re going on Wednesday. Thanks for reading!