Would it be good or bad if Sabrina weren’t heading back to her locker room where her friends are at?  Monday will answer that question.

Voting Incentive!
The show must go on. Vote to preview one of the combatants of the upcoming triple threat match! (You guys remember her?)

Comic Creator’s Alliance is live!
Comic Creators Alliance is group of comic book creators, who have come together, volunteering their artistic talents to raise money for the purpose of ending human trafficking aka slavery in the world today. If you donate to this cause, you’ll receive a unique wallpaper that my Sabrina headshot with other great artists like Lora Innes, Adam Hughes, Crystal Yates, Thom Zahler, Scott Sava, Dave Reynolds, Trevor’s cat and many dozen more. It’s a sweet wallpaper and a worthy cause. Take a look.

CCA closeup of wallpaper

Watch this short video which addresses the problem. Then pass it onto a friend. And then donate some money. What would you spend today on coffee? on Wendy’s for lunch? on pizza or a movie?  C’mon, let’s live with less and instead change our world!