What Chloe said there at the very end was not very complimentary. The Belles have had their say. Has it changed anyone’s mind on the outcome of the match she’ll have with Sabrina? Sharp eyed viewers will notice that Jennifer Needles is not in her wrestling outfit because she is still very much suspended for her role in the alleyway beatdown on Sabrina. That won’t stop her from being at ringside though. O_o

Monday’s Update: We hear what Sabrina has to say.

Mid-Ohio Con!
I’m a guest at next week’s Mid-Ohio con. Last year was a brilliant time and I expect no less. Plus, I’ll have a new sketchbook, new 28 page comic, new prints and sketchcards to debut. If you’re going to be around, please stop by and say HI!

Voting Incentive!
If Sabrina’s promo is up next, then why is Krystin beating up Sara Valentine next update? Vote to see what I mean!