Sara wins and her losing streak has ended at the expense of Krystin. We’ve seen Krystin dominate Sara in a straight up match, but Sara took advantage of the chaos that comes with a no-rules ‘schoolyard brawl.’ I think both girls have come a long way since their first meeting. If nothing else, Sara’s back on the winning track but she seems to have lost some fans with her more vapid attitude. Krystin lost but seems to have gained a few fans (they’d be the ones that were booing Sara) and they are applauding Krystin’s heart and toughness. But, we know that a mysterious *someone* has been pulling Krystin’s strings and they were pointing Krystin at Sara. With a loss, what will Krystin’s mysterious benefactor have to say?

With this match in the books, only one more match to go, plus the contract signing for the world championship. Sabrina vs Xtina is coming up next, but first, a commercial break…

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