Oh, those tricky York sisters!  Playing the ref like that and with his attention diverted, Franchesca (mist on her left arm) was able to roll out and a refreshed Josephine comes back into the ring and picks up where her twin sister left off.  Poor Sun!  With Damage Inc not risking disqualification on behalf of Sun, can she pull out a victory against the York girls?

Sabrina asks the question that’s been on your minds for awhile now, ‘why isn’t Damage Inc doing anything to stop Sun from being double teamed?’  Marina’s got a decent enough answer.  Time will tell on that but that fiery disposition has taken ahold of Sabrina.  Marina has a very good point, this isn’t Sabrina’s concern but the last time Sabrina didn’t do anything, Monica Rumble got rolled.  That was never Sabrina’s fault despite Monica’s best rationalizations.  This is different. Whatever problems they have, it’s still Sun.  Tough spot for Sabrina.  What can she do?

For some fun, I decided to illustrate, with the help of WWE’s Bella Twins, just what the Yorks are doing. 😉

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