Thankfully, the fight between Sabrina and Sun is over but the cost was high. Sabrina might’ve had the last word with her fight with Sun but you’d never know it. There’s too much emotion there and Brooke’s not really being helpful, even if she’s trying to be supportive in her own way. So much emotion that Sabrina has kind of shut down. She’s got the same questions that you might have: what now? That was a monster fight and the wounds are going to take a while to heal. If you think about it, these two did a fine job of balancing each other out personality wise, so what happens with them now without each other’s influence?

Is it possible that Sabrina might find some comfort in two people that haven’t shown much support in the past, her roommates Krystin and Brooke? More to come on Monday, as Lora’s chapter continues and maybe a surprise or two.