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Man ‘o man, Sara just can’t catch a break. The brass knuckles would’ve been a good game changer, but Krystin’s reflexes saved her in the nick of time. This match has been all Krystin’s since the opening bell. And why not? Krystin’s had every advantage including being a surprise opponent for Sara. Can the Schoolgirl reach the ropes and force the referee to break the Texas Cloverleaf submission hold?
Here’s the Texas Cloverleaf preformed by one of the best technical wrestlers of our time, Dean Malenko:

On a personal note, I got a kitty last Thursday! Yay! She’s very pretty. On Friday, we had a monsoon and the sewers backed up about a foot of water into my basement. Stinky, dirty water wrecking things. Not too much damage, most of the furniture was saved, but the carpets are probably hosed, so I may be installing new carpet this Summer. Or not. I did stumble upon some old, old artwork of mine. It ranged from early 80’s to mid-90’s. The saddest art you’ve ever seen and the worst part is that I really thought I was the awesome. Anywho, I still have to rip up the carpet when it dries out, but all in all, everything is okay.

Tomorrow, me, the Mrs and the guys are going to WWE’s Smackdown! I’ll probably have some pictures up on Wednesday or Thursday. 😀