In case you forgot, the top three panels are Akira, Kyle and Tommy. But you knew that, right? XD Is anyone surprised that Sun was a champion in the developmental league? She was champ, and was well liked. She had good referrals too, going back to the first three panels again.

Fitting that this chapter ends with Gabrielle. She’s got an eye for talent and shark blood running through her veins. The rest, as they say, is history.

I hope you enjoyed this look into Sun’s past. It’s going to set things up nicely in the future. I also hope you enjoyed Justin’s work on this run. He’s always involved in the writing, but this was all him. Be sure to let him know what a great job he did on this chapter! 😀

As for next chapter, maybe we’ll get around to that super secret, important question that Sun had for Sabrina.

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