Oh man, she won! With Kat still out, Sabrina had to get the upper hand and then wrap Jennifer up before she knew what happened. If you blinked, you might’ve missed it. As we can see from the reactions of certain people in Sabrina’s life, the emotions run the spectrum. I think Chloe especially has some strong feelings on the matter.

Check out a few of the YouTube clips below to see Sabrina’s finishing hold in real time:

5 second youtube clip here:

And while not the same pinning hold exactly, it’s very quick and similar:

Incredibly, all of you who made it this far picked Sabrina to win that last match!
Greg Gregeer – 3 Victoria, Xtina, Sabrina
Jadine Rhine – 3 Victoria, Xtina, Sabrina
Eric Queen – 3 Victoria, Xtina, Sabrina
Diedre Oconnor – 3 Victoria, Xtina and Sabrina
CoyoteLovely –3 Victoria, Xtina and Sabrina
Lou Mougin – 3 Victoria, Xtina and Sabrina
Chris Jarvis (Zerry) 3 Victoria, Xtina and Sabrina

Now, I only have three books so I’ll put everyone’s name in a hat and draw out some names. Everyone though is going to get something from me so free to email me your mailing address or you’ll be getting an email from me demanding it. The winners will be contacted by email and posted on the main website, as well as in Friday’s post. Thanks everyone for playing, this whole thing has been a lot of fun.