Brooke’s actions have a been a bit of a game changer. Where before, Sabrina was happy to have her friends watching her back, either at ringside or watching out for her in the back. Now, she feels obligated to go it alone to show people like Monica that she isn’t successful because she has friends. What that means, unless her friends can talk her out of it, is that Sabrina will be going against Jennifer on her own, but we really know that means; Jennifer plus the other members of Hell’s Belles. We saw what happens to people that fight Hell’s Belles members one on one, like in the case of Monica. So yeah, a bit of a game changer here, one that could benefit Brooke and Hell’s Belles.

But this discussion isn’t over, and you might have some questions yourself, which just might be answered on the next update. 😉

The title of this page, ‘You’re Welcome,’ reminds me of that really awesome Season 5 episode of Angel. Completely out of context as there’s no jaw-dropping phone call at the end, but I’m geek-happy to have do a nod to it, even if its just the same title. XD