Cale sent me some more killer art. The first is of Sabrina’s not often seen Gogoplata against Cale’s OC Candi! Can anyone recall the last time Sabrina used a Gogoplata?

The second image is one I love because it’s Lucy the Crusher, and she’s using a reverse figure four head scissors. The fact that it’s payback just makes it even better. Thanks Cale!

Check out Cale’s work HERE (NSFW because of boobs) and his Deviant Art account which is more SFW.

This weekend I’ll be in Baltimore, MD at one of the biggest Anime shows in the country, OTKAON! There’s going to be mad fun, comics, cosplay and shenanigans, you’ll a steady supply of caffeine and Pocky to keep up. I’ll be at Artist Alley table U-04. Dig it.


Click for bigger view

Work on the new season is going very well, I’m happy to report. Expect some fireworks to start up right from where we left off. With the start of Season 3, I’m going to be opening up my own Patreon page and I’m very excited about this. I hope you guys will check it out and consider being a part of it. There’s going to be some great rewards and milestones.
More details to come!

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