Sun and Sabrina are NOT on the same page and now they have to work together to keep Sabrina’s job. There are a number of great tag teams already as well as an endless combination of teams available. Who will Gabrielle send against Sun and Sabrina?

Behind the Scenes
I had originally thought to let this go on for a few more pages, where they would each be just ‘off’ by a whisker, but in the interest of time, I think I accomplished the same. Plus, when it was all said and done, I didn’t want readers to think that they’d worked this out ahead of time. I think that would’ve been too shady, even for Sun. Plus, Gabrielle doesn’t suffer the fool for anyone. She’s a force of nature. You don’t ever ‘win’ against her, you just outlast the storm and trying to sucker her to that level would not have been smart. As it is, she was suspecting something might come up, hence her back up plan arriving in 3….2….1….

Who could it be? An established tag team, or a new pairing?

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