Talk about a stacked card! This would put The Greatest Royal Rumble to shame. XD

So, I know people are going to ask, but No, I will not be showing every match. I’ll only be showing the Upstarts matches. Don’t get me wrong, it’d be awesome to see them all, but this is really just a nod and a way to wrap things up as we get into the final chapter.

What are some of the more exciting matches on the card?

There is a wonderful entry on the Rival Angels forum describing some of what it took to get Cocoa from Battling Ring Angels over to Rival Angels. I’ve always enjoyed Callie’s stories, and you could spend a lot of time reading a lot of great work over there, a first-person account of working for Rival Angels. Lots of colorful prose.

I was going to wait until we got to Sun’s match, and I may revisit it again, there was a plan to have Callie be a big antagonist for Sun. At the end of last chapter where Sabrina went ‘Dark Phoenix’ on Brenda, Sun was going to come out. Not to stop Sabrina, but to stop anyone else from trying to stop Sabrina from getting her pound of flesh. Sun would’ve bounced a chair off the Catgirls and maybe a few others.
However, after Sabrina’s successful inside-outside Ultrasplash onto Brenda, Sabrina’s despair would go Full Dark. Sabrina would go for another splash, but on the wreckage of the table. Sun would realize the mad stunt this was, and try to stop Sabrina. The locker room would empty out to try and return order, and even see Sun and Amanda form a temporary truce to try and subdue Sabrina, while also navigating the rough waters between those supporting Sabrina, and those supporting Brenda.
As these things happen, Callie and Sun would bump into each other the wrong way and Sun would disproportionately attack Callie and set them on a course for Heaven and Hell.
But as you know, almost none of that happened. This was due to wrapping up Rival Angels ultimately, and doing so by working every scene and chapter towards the main storyline, which is Sabrina. Not to mention, Callie deserves more than a Hotshotted mini-feud. Some of that might not be so clear now, but hopefully by say, page 7, things will be a little more clearer on the WHYs. Anyways, I think we know that this would’ve worked, if I wasn’t ending the series, or had started this idea back when.


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