Krystin is looking to put the effort of the end of last chapter to use. She’s got a long way to go in Aikido but it’s a very good sign that she’s getting along with others.

You may remember Mercy from when Krystin first met her, and from their football game.


RAW Recap

Credit WWE

Credit WWE

There was so much not to like and a lot to like about this. I don’t like Seth Rollins and would have been happy to not have him come back. Come back he did and to a Hero’s Welcome. He tried to counter the fans cheers with an old Ric Flair trick and of course, it fizzled. Roman being hated didn’t help things.

Charlotte and Ric would have been better if Charlotte wouldn’t have kept stuttering over the Fans WHAT? chants. Also, I’ve never been a Charlotte fan so this segment fell flat for me.

The MITB qualifier matches now, those were good. Sami over Sheamus was good and I’m surprised that there were so many clean finishes. I am pleased! Jericho over Crews was necessary at this point. It’ll be fun to see Apollo eventually get into one of these MITB matches. With Ziggler having one foot out the door, it was no surprise that Dean got the win, but also, it’s Dean and needs to be in that match. Tracie rightfully predicted that Owens would go over on AJ by virtue of needing another heel in the match. She wasn’t wrong but it was still a very great match.

Sad to see The Club split already but after seeing Becky, Charlotte and Paige splitting so quickly this isn’t a surprise. Long live the Social Outcasts.

Glad to see Enzo back! He can’t seem to hang on to the mic, but his energy and enthusiasm can’t be questioned.



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