Brenda took Sabrina’s best shot, the Ultrakick and is still standing!  With Snow wrapped around Sabrina’s leg like a stubborn root, and Sun recovering, this is going to be a very rough stretch for Sabrina. Can she survive?

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Dean has gotta be the biggest star right now, right? I wonder if that fact has people booing Roman so much. WWE has a problem, can they get Roman over by Wrestlemania?
The Dolph segment was interesting. I have to admit that my cynicism cautioned me to make much of it. Allegedly, Dolph is on the way out and plus, it’s Triple H. If people complained that Cena refused to drop to peeps, then Triple H shows why he’s the King of Kings. I guess Dolph looked good in a losing effort, but was the net result? To get fans to hate Roman even more?
Team Bad has a team finisher! Who knew? I thought it was great, but they still seem really far down the totem pole. Brie and Foxy looked good too and there was a nice exchange of moves there and with Brie dedicating that 2nd rope Nose Job to Lana. Normally, I love Lana but does she have a leg to stand on here? She’s not accomplished a single thing in the ring but charges up Brie and then Paige, both former champs? Weird, but I like her as an addition to Team BAD.
Hey, a Sami Zayne sighting!! Does this mean he’s on the main card? If so, he joins Dean as my favorite guys on the roster. This would please me.
Undertaker….says he’s not Vince’s puppet but then does exactly what Vince says? Strong logic there. Maybe Dolph comes and saves Shane in the WM match, but I have no idea at this point.

A quick shout out for seeing Saraya Knight, aka Paige’s Mom last week on TOTAL DIVAS! Tracie and I totally marked out for it. 🙂