I remember Lex Luger coining the term, ‘exhibition skirmish,’ and it’s stuck with me like, 30 years later.

Answering the call again for the Winter Break is CALE from AFW bringing us a match between Def Tech and Ultragirl. From the looks of it, this could be the end of the match. What do you think? Does Sabrina come back or does she fall to the sleeper? Find out for sure on Friday!

You might remember Cale brought us some awesome Cocoa goodness last week as well.

If you head on over to AFW, keep in mind that some material there is NSFW because of bewbs.

Speaking of Patreon, it’s a brand new year and I posted 500 times last year on Pateron. You don’t need to pledge any money to check it out, so you have nothing to lose.



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