This piece of art comes commissioned from a fine gentleman who has his own wrestler OC (original character) and has even written several short stories concerning her and the rest of the Rival Angels universe. You can read more about Kayla HERE! Here we have Kayla delivering a Stunner (or Cutter) to the then-champ, Brenda Rua!

Webcomics I’m Reading
What webcomics is everyone reading these days? I thought I would share a few of the ones that I like, and in no particular order:

The Dreamer Comic
Okay, this might be the top spot as this is my comics BFF’s work. Lora does an incredible work and it’s been pure joy seeing the Dreamer evolve over the years. In fact, the Dreamer is 6 months older than Rival Angels!

Botched Spot
A lot of you already read James’s comic. It’s topical, hilarious and timely. Here’s a couple that had me rolling. HERE and HERE.

Girls of the Wild’s
Like the Dreamer comic, there’s teenage girls, some of them crushing hard. Unlike the Dreamer, these girls go to school…and belong to one of several fighting disciplines and regularly fight it out! The plot is a little thin, but the art is great and some of the fight scenes are spectacular.

Spying With Lana
I should warn that while there isn’t any nudity, the PG-13 line gets stretched harder than one of Brooke’s tops. Sean has been doing the adventures of his super sexy spy, Lana for a while now. The art is amazing and the missions and situations that Lana gets in, usually with the worst support system known to intelligence will keep you coming back for more.

Valkyrie Squadron
Jules Rivera does this awesome comic that is more than a lady-upd version of Star Trek, but that would be pretty cool. Awesome characters, great art and a fun story.

Shotgun Shuffle
Man, take care when clicking this link because it’s the equivalent of crack. The art is great and the story is topical, often tension filled but always fun. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And just a quick note, almost all of these fine peeps have a Patreon page, so if you like what you see, think about sending some support their way.

That’s all the room I got right now. I know I missed some so feel free to list some of YOUR favorites in the comments below.

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