Happy October! 

With many thanks to Cale for putting another great promo piece together, this time for Sabrina. He did an excellent job of capturing her motivation and attitude, and a wonderful render to boot! I always love his renders. There’s a lot of 3D artists out there, but he’s definitely in that upper tier. Go and check out his site, though NSFW warning for the bewbs.

More where that came from coming shortly.

Right click on the image or download the link below for a bigger image.


Rival Angels PRODUCTION Update

I finished production on Chapter 6 last week and I’ve been working feverishly to get Chapter 7 written. While I have the general ‘beats’ worked out for what I want to happen for the rest of the series, its still another thing to get that out into script form.


I’m happy to say that the hard work has paid off and I’m in the home stretch for Chapter 7.


It’s been a little bittersweet. I ended up having to cut a few scenes that I had planned for YEARS and really looking forward to doing. Alas, space and time restraints meant that they needed to be culled. I will say though that I don’t think you guys will notice. This whole chapter has been one of the smoother ones in recent memory and I don’t know if you guys can fathom how excellent that is for me.


I do apologize if I’ve disappeared a bit in the last week or so. Just intense tunnel vision on trying to get the chapter written. When that’s finished, then the rest of the production schedule (bluelines, lettering, pencils, inks, flat colors and the finish) can be set.


I was hoping to have the below image finished by now. This was the piece that I worked on during the last Rival Angels hangout and it’s been slow work while I’ve been, again, getting the writing done.
It’s not been all work though. Tracie and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend and had a wonderful meal. On top of that we went to see Owen and Stephen King do a live reading of their latest book, ‘SLEEPING BEAUTIES’ and take questions. It was inspiring to say the least.


I’ll set up the next Rival Angels hangout shortly, and start getting the commissions and raffle winnings out. And of course, when I can, I’ll show you them and some behind the scenes work as I get Chapter 7 up and running.


One other thing is that the next Rival Angels KICKSTARTER will be going live in November. Probably the first Monday, but I’ll let you know. Besides the awesome book, which will collect the first half of Season 3 (which we’re on the back half of now) but also tiers for the LIVE ACTION Rival Angels match, Christmas Angels and more. Maybe another wrestling moves encyclopedia? I think it’s going to be awesome.


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