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The Upstart Girls take your questions!
Season one is over, and season 2 will start up Monday, January 2nd but come back this monday as Sabrina takes questions from YOU the reader!

Looking back on Season 1
Anyone who has spent any time here knows that Rival Angels is a labor of love. 618 updates in a row and counting proves that. I’ve been creating comic books on and off since 2000 with my Worldwide Solutions stories as the main focus. By 2006, I was unhappy with the comic scene (lots of D-bags claiming to be my friend), my art was garbage and I didn’t want to keep spinning my wheels. I started hearing about this ‘webcomic’ thing and it really appealed to me but I knew I wanted to do something unique.

I started watching wrestling in 1986 and one of my earliest memories was of Sting beating Ric Flair for the NWA heavyweight title. That was a good one, but I have some others too, like when the MegaPowers broke up in Milwaukee (I was there). Naturally, some of my favorite wrestlers have been Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Arn Anderson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rock, Nash, HBK, Macho Man, CM Punk and I have appreciation for the vets. Of course, I have also been fan of Wendi Richter, Velvet Mcintyre, Sheri Martel, Medusa Michelli, Akira Hokato, and after discovering SHIMMER, this includes Nicole Matthews, Jessie McKay, Tennile, The Knight Dynasty, Leva Bates, December and my forever mark-out favorite, Cheerleader Melissa.

Right, so I wanted to do something unique in comics and it hit me rather suddenly that there wasn’t any wrestling webcomics and only a few wrestling comic books like Whoa, Nellie and Headlocked. So, in 2007 I decided I would combine my two great loves of wrestling and comics and also give the world something it needed. I wrote the first 20 pages the day that the last Harry Potter book came out. I remember because Tracie was working and didn’t want to miss it for anything, so I wrote those pages in the front room and Rival Angels was born and on January 1, 2008, it went live to the world, nay, the universe!

Since then, my artwork has grown in leaps and bounds as well as myself as a person. I’ve met some really great people in the industry who I consider dear friends of mine and always happy to see them. And I’ve also gotten to know some of YOU, my fair readers. We’ve met at comic conventions, Anime shows, and even wrestling shows! Some of you have been around since the beginning and even some who’ve ‘only’ been around for a year or so, it’s been my very sincere pleasure to get to know every one of  you. I think we have a pretty good time together. I don’t have the space for individual shout-outs but come on, you know who you are. Obviously, my vocal group, but also my silent readers and even readers who used to be vocal but can only stop in from time to time. Thanks for spending some of your day here.

Rival Angels is now listed on Amazon (US, UK, Australia), and Barnes and Noble and my commissions list always fills up before I can even post it during conventions. Rival Angels may never be the biggest webcomic in the world, and it may never get bigger than it is now, but it’s always going to be a lot of fun. And we’re the #1 Wrestling Webcomic. 🙂

People ask when do I take time off, and I tell them Christmas and my birthday, but this is a lie. I really love working on Rival Angels so why should I not work on those days? Well, I suppose I don’t work on Rival Angels on Tracie’s birthday or our wedding anniversary but even then I get to work it in sometimes.

So what can you expect from Rival Angels Season 2? You can expect to see our Upstart Girls grow into the women they’re going to become and the professional athletes they’re destined to evolve into. Outside of that, drama, intrigue, pain, humor, heartbreak, action and of course, friendship.

We’ve got the makings of a great time to be had by all. It’s a party. Are you in?


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