So the big question is what is champion Brenda Rua doing talking with the person she beat for the belt, Yvonne Carmichael? O_o

Sun and Xtina are letting loose! Lots of back and forth action. If this keeps up, who will have the advantage?

Co-hosting TGT webcomics!
Tonight at 7pm ET, I’ll be helping Kurt out as a co-host as we interview Lora Innes. Not only is Lora the force behind The Dreamer, but she’s also written for Rival Angels as well. This should be a fun interview as she’ll be talking The Dreamer, but also Rival Angels past and future, including a new wrestler in Season 2.

Voting Incentive!
I commissioned my buddy Nancy to do this VS capture for me back in January and now we get to see it. Vote to check it out!