Sun’s in a lot of trouble! So close to the ropes and forcing Xtina to break the cross armbreaker, and yet so far. Is the point in the match where Sun submits?

The Dreamer updates!
The story I’d been working on is over, but that just makes way for the triumphant, twice-a-week updating return of the main Dreamer story with issue #12.

Co-hosting TGT webcomics!
On Friday, June 3 at 7pm ET, I’ll be helping Kurt out as a co-host as we interview Lora Innes. Not only is Lora the force behind The Dreamer, but she’s also written for Rival Angels as well. This should be a fun interview as she’ll be talking The Dreamer, but maybe also Rival Angels, including a new wrestler in Season 2.

Voting Incentive!
Back at last year’s Mid-Ohio Con, I commissioned Comfort Love for a moment from this match. Vote to see what wrestling move she drew!