Obviously, this isn’t all of the matches, just some of the big ones. Three championship matches where at least one new champion will be crowned. Which match are you looking forward to the most? Over at the forum I posted the match card which has generated some good discussion and I’ll post the scheduled matches there too:

  • *Tentative*
  • Dark Match-Lil Alexandria vs Angel
  • Main Card
  • Grudge Match: Aphrodite vs “Mighty” Monica Rumble
  • York Sisters vs Brandy Brandt and Vanessa Holiday
  • TV Championship Finals: “Ultragirl” Sabrina Mancini vs Kat Smith
  • Triple Threat Match: Rampage vs Veronica Silver vs Loretta Diaz (replacing the suspended Jen Needles)
  • Victoria Buckingham/Professor Shannon McCourt vs Damage Inc-Nikki Foxx/Kyra Gold
  • Last Woman Standing: “Def Tech” Krystin Moline vs Sassy Schoolgirl Sara Valentine
  • Tag Team Championship: Catgirls vs Black and Blue
  • “Lil Dragon” Sun Wong vs “Canadian Dynamite” Xtina Carpenter
  • World Championship: Black Widow vs Brenda Rua
  • I Quit Steel Cage: “Ultragirl” Sabrina Mancini vs Chloe De Sade

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