Whoa, where did Commissioner Gabrielle come from? XD

‘Game On,’ as the match between Chloe and Sabrina is on the card again and Sabrina’s back to fighting two matches again but more importantly, Chloe’s back to fighting in front of the home crowd again. Gabrielle summed it up best about Sabrina, but two big matches in one night would be tough on anyone.  Is Sabrina out of her mind? Or is revenge fueling her? Maybe something else?

Wizard World Chicago Con Report!
I wrote up my adventures from last week from the Windy City. Take a read and if nothing else, check out the pretty pictures. 😀

Next up: The award that YOU voted on, The Sexiest Angel Award!

Voting Incentive!
Take a look at the nominees.

TGT Webcomics Tournament!
Rival Angels BFF, The Dreamer is in a championship tournament of her own with readers providing the votes to victory. If The Dreamer makes it to the finals, Lora will be back to do another podcast interview with frequent commenter, Kurt of TGT Webcomics. The interviews are always a ton of fun to listen to and you can ask questions in the chat. And it just so happens that she knows a few things about Season 2 of Rival Angels that I bet she’d be willing to talk about. Another writing stint? New wrestlers??   😉 Vote for her right here.