Wooo, that was messy. So many dark secrets spilled. Sun’s emo boy crush, Brooke’s love of ‘musicals’ and Sabrina’s love of officer men like Alan Warren, Jack Sparrow and Mal Reynolds. The last panel might be foreshadowing a shift in those attitudes and if nothing else, something’s up because the Upstart girls are all back together again.

In case you’re wondering what Sun is talking about when she’s going on about ‘spontoons,’ here’s a picture from The Dreamer.

Caption Contest!
All of this is a great reminder that the Dreamer Trek Caption Contest ends today! Be sure to get it on the action and win yourself some great Rival Angels and Dreamer swag!

Interview with TGT Webcomics!
Check out this great interview that I had with Kurt at C2E2. Wrestling fans will appreciate the intro music. 😉