Angel Soprano…Hell’s Belle? She has a deal with the devil Chloe that says so. Plus, it’s not hard to fathom that Angel picking the spot where Sabrina was going to make Xtina tap wasn’t Chloe-schemed.

Poor Angel. She thought she had the best spot but Sabrina and Xtina are showing some intestinal fortitude and not giving up to the party crasher. Angel can’t believe that she didn’t pick up the win and is taking it up with the referee, Zach. But while she’s distracted with not getting the pinfall, it looks like Sabrina and Xtina are getting their bearings back and from the look of that last panel, they seem awfully determined. Bad times for Angel? Maybe. What’s going to happen next??

Lora Innes created a non-profit group dedicated to shining a bright light on human trafficking (aka slavery). She got a bunch of webcomic creators together to draw a gal from their cast and she assembled them into a single wallpaper. Sabrina joins the ranks with Bea, Xylia, Hazel, Nastajia and 85 other characters in a snazzy wallpaper gift for your donation. To learn more about the Comic Creator’s Alliance visit  To learn more about the problem, visit (Note: contains adult themes and actual accounts of sex slavery.)

Comic Creators AllianceGo donate to this worthwhile cause. You’d be supporting a wonderful service. Click here.

Voting Incentive!
My friend NAAN did a wonderful commission of Sun and Sabrina. Maybe something from the future? I know a lot of you want to see them reconcile and back to being BFF’s again. So Vote!