Heh, can you believe that I actually cut a good 40% out of the original script? There’s a lot of explanatory copy here, but it’s for a good reason. I thought it’d be a good idea to remind old and new alike just what’s going on. I mean, it’s 306 pages over 23 months so a refresher might be okay.

Sabrina’s in desperate need of some focus and Marina is doing everything she can think of to do that. Sabrina’s going up against a great wrestler and fan favorite, in Xtina Carpenter. If she’s not focused, Xtina will beat the breaks off of her. And of course, Sabrina’s still caught up in her troubles with Sun and it doesn’t help that she just saw Krystin and Brooke lose tonight as well. Can Sabrina focus long enough to challenge Xtina and make it into the finals of the Television Tournament? Find out what Marina tries to do next on Monday!

If you want to find out what is on the TV in the background, it’s a commercial for the awesome webcomic, Marsh Rocket. You can specifically find the image from this page here. Rose is currently my favorite character from the series.  It’s a great, fun read and I definitely recommend it.   😀

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