Sun strikes! With Yvonne distracting the ref, Kyra and Nikki beating down Franchesca, Sun is able to take advantage of Josephine’s earlier hesitation to counter strike and stun Josie with a lungblower.  The lungblower is a powerful move but there’s still a chance that Josie could recover.  But throw her out and toss back in a beaten Franchesca and the odds of Sun hitting her next move are looking pretty good.

As you can see, Damage Inc operates on a different level than say, Hell’s Belles.  Where the Belles look to obliterate their opponents in the ring and carry a similar sentiment outside of the ring. Damage Inc prefers a more surgical strike and I think we’ll see their attitude outside of the ring reflect this as well.

So any chance that Sun misses this, or gets interrupted? Or does Sun ‘Lil Dragon’ Wong hit her move according to plan?