Some of you have been calling for this for a while from the twins and here they are doing what they do best. When the ref’s back is turned, the tired York bails out of the ring and the fresh one takes over. You can see here that Franchesca is raring to go and really sticking it to Sun and you can bet she’s still a bit peeved about being misted. You may notice that she’s got some mist on her left arm.

The crowd is getting behind Sun but it might come up short if Sun’s going to be taking this kind of punishment. Will Damage Inc respond in kind? More to come on Monday!

Happy Halloween!
Enjoy the voting incentive in which we see the angels dress up as some of my favorite webcomics!
Brooke as Red from (Brooke refused to wear a wig even though her name is ‘Red.’)
Krystin as Felecity from The Dreamland Chronicles
Sabrina, wig and all, as Bea from The Dreamer
Sun as Becka of Shadowgirls

2009 Webcomics Readers Choice Awards
There’s still time to nominate Rival Angels and her characters into the 2009 WRCA Awards. This is YOUR chance to be heard and make our vote count. Some of you have already graciously nominated Rival Angels and I really appreciate it. Did you see Brooke and Chloe are on the nomination list for Best Antagonist?  Sun in Best Supporting Character?  Even Best Art and Writing!  Next month, starts the voting.  Woah.