That’s the Sun we know and love! Sure, she might’ve slightly bent the rules with that eye poke, but I’m sure she had a very good reason for it. Sun not only shows her high flying ability but also some mat wrestling. Maybe some extra training at the gym or something she went over with Sabrina? You never can tell.

The return of the mist! That’s going to be messy on Josie’s twin sister, Franchesca. And look at this: Sabrina seems to be enjoying this match. XD

Voting Incentive!
In honor of Halloween, I decided to have the Rival Angel girls dress up as some of my favorite webcomics.ย  I’m going to give you the first part now, the second part on Friday and the whole enchilada on Saturday.
From left to right, you got:
Amazonia from Love and Capes
Tychia from Xylia
Bernadette from Hard Graft
Rose from Marsh Rocket

More Halloween goodness on Friday!