Yeah, Sabrina. What were you doing coming in through the back way? First things first, the super awkward moment between these two. They can’t muster up a sound to each other. That’s not really a good sign and it shows that there’s some underlying hostility here. Then again, maybe the silence that started this off shows that they want to get past this, but it looks like it’s not happening just yet. Right now the real question is if this is going to get nasty and physical.

What do you think is going to happen next?

I Get Around
Last week I was a guest on Pond To Pond Podcast hosted by Prestwick and Jules Rivera.  I love both of their webcomics and I really think you should check them out when you get a chance.  Of course, after you check out the podcast that I was on. XD  It’s about a half hour so check it out.