And there it is. Sun and Sabrina are off to become a tag team, and take on the York Sisters, if they can get Gabrielle’s approval. Sabrina has that little commitment in the TV Tournament to think of. This tag team thing might fizzle before it ever gets off the ground! Sun did seem a bit worried there for a minute, didn’t she? She did leave that part out about Yvonne asking her to fight the York Sisters though. Getting kind of sticky!

Brooke returns! Er, sort of, maybe? We’ll get a more definitive ruling on just what the heck this is all about.

New Voting Incentive!  Be sure to vote to see the difference between Sun’s hair between brown and blue! XD

Twitter!  It happened.  I was warned against it and here I am.  You can be there too.  I plan on displaying work-in-progresses as well as other progresses. Maybe even progress progresses. Wild, eh?  Check it out here.