And so we get a look into Sun’s home life as a teenager. Messy room, single Mom and minimum wage job at the ice cream parlor. And, we can’t overlook the usual humor and love for wrestling that we’ve come to know. As we’re about to find out, Sun’s life is about to change forever.

Big thanks to Justin Riley for this story. Originally, it wasn’t going to be seen for a while. I have an ending to the current Rival Angels storyline, which I affectionately refer to as ‘Season 1.’ I know how Season 2 is going to start but I wanted a break inbetween seasons. So, I asked Justin, ‘I’d really love for you to write a Sun origin story to keep people coming back during the break.’ I sweetened the deal with fast food and the promise that there would be more where that came from. He accepted and wrote a really great story. So great, and the love of Sun so strong in reader-dom, that I had to add it to the current storyline. Sun’s not a bit player and you, the readers, know it. With what we have in store for Sun coming up, now was a great time to see our ‘Lil Dragon’s’ humble beginnings.

Enjoy the story and definitely let Justin and I know what you think.

Canada’s homepage for sports, SLAM Sports interviewed me and posted it on it’s website. Covering hockey, baseball and football, you might be wondering what a sports site is doing reviewing a webcomic. Check out the link to find out!