Just like the Belle’s, win or lose, to lay a beating into their opponent after the match. Sabrina caught a break there at the end of this update, but with Chloe cruising down to ringside armed with a kendo stick, Sabrina’s advantage might be short lived. She’s a trooper though, so she’s got a chance. And since the match is over, maybe we’ll see some Upstart assistance? What do you think?

And the names drawn from the short list of winners for the Television Tournament contest are:
Lou Mougin
(Your email is bouncing, please email me using the CONTACT link above.)

Like I wrote before, all seven winners will be getting some stuff from me, so you should have got an email from me. If not, feel free to email me with your mailing address. Thanks everyone for playing, it was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the next contest!

Other tidbits: Over at the Rival Angels forum, an appreciate thread for Sassy Schoolgirl Sara Valentine started up. It just got going, so if you like Sara, feel free to let your voice be known. Also, the Television Tournament page has been updated to reflect the current standings. Semi-finals lie just ahead!

Be sure to come back on Monday to see what the Belle’s and Sabrina do next!