Sabrina…the trash talker?  Seems she like to verbally get into it with her opponents and sharp eyed readers have found that Sabrina had a pretty lousy record in developmental.  Seems like something big must’ve happened to changer her attitude into the Ultragirl we know today.  But, as we can see, Sabrina had her problems with Danielle Perfection and getting hit with Mistress Dark’s finisher, the Ubergoth is no way to greet the day.  Can Sabrina kick out of this to continue the match, or is she done?  And what else does Danielle have in store for Sabrina?

Happy New Year’s….EVE! XD  Not only are we about to ring in 2009 but today is also the one year anniversary of Rival Angels.  I’m very happy to say that I didn’t miss one update ever and I hope to keep that going into 2009.  I’m also happy that Rival Angels is the #1 wrestling webcomic and has grown in readership and awareness in the last 52 weeks.

Big love and thanks to Tracie, Justin, Keefe, the Wrecking Crew, Lora, MGC, Salazen, RDF, A Mouse, Jamie, JackAce, Coyote Lovely, Patric, ps2Kid, Jacob, Addison, Amanda, Jess, Trevor, DAJB, Dr. Shadow, MIB, Peipei, Dave R, Danny, Michelle, Bea, Adam B, bd, Ray, Jess and so many more.  Don’t be mad if I don’t have you on the list, just know that I appreciate each and every one of you.

Tallying up the hours, on average it takes me 24 hours a week to do three pages of Rival Angels.  It was less than 20 until Lora turned me on to this Scott McCloud book that preached the importance of backgrounds.  Grrr!! XD My stuff is much better for it so thank you Lora!  Of course, there’s the 8 hour inconvenience that I have five days a week but its what lets me get to do what I love, plus they have a tabloid size scanner.  Realistically, I’m sure the Mrs. would like to have some of that time back so I have to give her much thanks for supporting me in Rival Angels.  Justin has to get a shout out because I think I’ve got a daily email into him about some aspect of Rival Angels.  Help with dialogue or match progression or even getting him to write a chapter.  

I still do online gaming every Wednesday, still watch wrestling, football and must-see TV.  The only real thing that I’ve had to go without is console games.  We were going to get PS3 back in April but there wasn’t any real time to get into that.  I do hear Fables is the bomb, so I might have to clear some time for that.

I don’t want to spoil anything but I don’t mind handing out a few teasers for what’s to come in the new year:

-The first ever Rival Angels Television Champion.

-A chapter dedicated to Sun and her origins.

-Rival Angels ‘Slammy’ Awards!

-More of the fun, drama and excitement you’ve come to expect.

My New Years Resolutions for Rival Angels this year include growing the readership to the point of doing a proper print run, either in 30 page chunks or big ol 150 page graphic novels.  Any preference from you?  Improving the craft (writing, art, coloring) as well as keeping my update streak intact are high on that list too.  Any if you have any suggestions, comments or anything you’d like to see, I’d love to hear them.  Tonight, I ring in the New Year with a Lord Of The Rings movie marathon.  Dig it and Happy New Year!  I hope its the best one for everyone, ever.

One last thing, be sure to check out the latest Voting Incentive. 🙂