And that would be the final ‘nail’ in the coffin of the short and wild Sabrina/Vincent couple.  Vincent’s a grabbie thing, isn’t he?  I would not have been upset if Sabrina decided to drop an Ultrakick on Vincent’s chin, especially in light of everything he’s put Sabrina through.  It looks like he bit off more than he could chew with the bystanders.

Whew, lots of things to draw in this one.  Pedestrians, buildings (with windows!), and other backgrounds.  Lots O work, but I think it helped convey just how chaotic the situation was.

So, now that we wrapped up Sabrina and Vincent, what’s next on the docket?  Hmmmm, my notes have us returning to the Rookie house on Monday.  Ah, that’s gotta be low drama…right? XD

And as a little tidbit, the last panel with the intimidating fellows happen to be my friends, who I’ve labled ‘The Wrecking Crew,’ (after the marvel comic group of villains).  Dig it!

Wrecking Crew

I’m the little guy in the middle (All six feet of me).  Let that be a warning to anyone looking to start trash with me at at con, the Wrecking crew will whup that candy ass!! XD