Hey hey!  Brooke made the tag! I know some of you thought that Brooke was going to sucker Sabrina in and take off (and she still could) but for now, she’s in the match.  Of course, some of you knew that Brooke would make the tag seeing that her career is in trouble, so nice prediction.

That being said, Brooke came out like a house of fire with the missile dropkick, but got ran over by clothesline from hell.  Or maybe a Steiner-Liner?  In any case, Brooke is on her back almost immediately and getting the boots to her.  Where’s the ref?!  To be fair, the Towers have a count of five to quit their double team shenanigans.  Sabrina can only look on in anguish as her partner is getting worked over.  Of course, if Sabrina forgets the rules for a moment, she could try and get in there to help out.  Will it happen?  Keep on a-readin….

On a completely different note….IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! I now have a new number to play at the roulette table. XD  Now normally, I’m a pretty sensible, responsible (financially, morally, ethically) but all of that goes out the window on my birthday.  I get to do whatever I want!! I don’t mean rob a bank or punch out God but yeah, my will be done.  And if you’re wondering what the Mrs thinks of my carte blanche, who do you think is riding shotgun? So that means I’m taking the day off from Rival Angels, but don’t fear…. no updates will be interrupted.  I tend to work a little bit ahead, so its all good. And that new lucky number to play at the roulette table… 34.  Oh shush ya’ll…. 34 is the new 24 with less drama and more disposable income.  So if you’re out, uh, on a Monday night, be sure to raise your gin martini or Guinness.  It’s good karma, honest. XD