Chapter 7 , The Rival Angels Halloween Special written by Dan Head and everything else by yours truly. :D  I’ve known Dan for like, 5 years or something virtually and this isn’t the first time we’ve worked together so it was a lot of fun working with him again, even if its just for a little bit.  I’m sure I can talk him into doing some more Rival Angels again in the future. 😀

It was hard trying to line this up so that it would fall around Halloween, and its going to run a little over, I hope you’ll forgive me.

For those that haven’t guessed, Sabrina is dressed as She-Ra, Princess of Power!! Yes, I know some of you guessed it, you’re very smart.  Brooke, I don’t blame anyone for not guessing that she’s dressed as a variation of the new Mary Marvel .  Yes, the wholesome good girl gone bad.  No need to read into anything here with Brooke and dressing as a bad Mary Marvel.  Great nod to Justin Riley (of the Rival Angels booking team ) for the suggestion here though I took it upon myself to alter Mary Marvel’s costume to reflect Brooke’s attitude.  So, what do you all make of their costumes?

Brooke’s attitude is a little worrying considering that she needs a win in this match to keep her job.  Maybe she’s hoping that Sabrina does all the heavy lifting?  Or maybe, if she looks fabulous enough, that will be enough for her to keep her job, win or lose?  Or both?  Neither?  We’ll have to keep reading to find out methinks…

And for those that want to get a glimpse of Brooke and Sabrina’s opponents, the voting incentive is still up.