Finally we get to see some of Loretta .  She’s only shown up a few times in the last 95 pages, but plays such a huge role in the tale of Sabrina Ultragirl Mancini .  As you can see, she plays it cool, not letting the fans get to her and they’re letting her know that they don’t like her, but  she’s sticking to her entrance  and showing off some flexibility.  Things are looking good for Loretta, and she’s very confident.

We also get some real information on the TV tournament! We get who’s in it, well mostly.  Also, the Bonus Life Battle Royal .  10 girls in the ring at the same time, all trying to throw each other over the top rope.  The winner is the last one standing and they get another chance for the TV tournament, making one of the semi-final matches a three way dance, which is similar to the fatal four way, but with one less person.  Obviously. 😛

Next update we get Sabrina’s entrance!