Yowza!  Sun showed a great offensive flurry against an unprepared School Sara Valentine .  It also looks like Sun had a good time at Sara’s expense as well.  As we wrap up the Lil Dragon match, we turn our attention to the next match which is Loretta Diaz vs. Ultragirl Sabrina Mancini .  And as you may remember from page 21 where Loretta reminded us that she’s beaten Sabrina three times before!  Granted that was in the developmental territory but it still counts.

That being said, Sabrina’s come a long way since then and now she’s fighting for a spot in the TV tournament!  Sabrina is bound and determined to put those losses behind her and no matter what, she’s going to give everything she’s got, win or lose.

Naturally, our little Sabrina had to give props to her girl Sun on her win.  There friendship seems to be on the rise.  And while we haven’t forgotten about Brooke or Krystin, its still going to be a little bit before we catch up to them.

To see Sun’s Atomic Fission live and in color, check out this YouTube clip.  Its a 31 second clip and the move is at about the 25 second mark.



Vote and check out a wonderful new picture of Brooke by the wonderfully talented Xoni !