A break from the action as Sabrina is confronted with her attitude following the last fight card and was coming out of it on her own, but let’s see what a talking to from her mentor, Marina can do. One of the more talky pages and not much to be said for Sabrina except she knows when to be quiet and listen especially since it can be hard to listen to criticism.

This page was written mostly by my good friend, Justin Riley and its always a pleasure to work with him, even on a limited basis like a page. He’s also been a great sounding board and I’ve literally rambled on and on about Rival Angels with him. Look for some more work from him in the future as he’s writing a story about Sun’s early days.  And he just had a baby, so congratulations on little Niamh Karen Rose Riley!

This happens to be one of my favorite pages so far. I like how my art looks and I like the colors. And it looks like someone is getting worked over in the TV screen but its nigh impossible to figure out who or what’s going on. Never fear, we’ll be diving back into the wrestling action on Monday!