Oh Snap! Tell me Brooke just didn’t just say that. There’s antagonizing and there’s antagonizing and then there’s this. Two seconds did Sabrina and Brooke make up did Brooke start laying into Sabrina!

But at least Brooke got the UPSTARTS chant going to ‘back’ Sun up. Luckily, Sun had it under control, the Lil Dragon struck down the trifling ho’s!

Poor Krystin has an upset stomach and getting NO sympathy from Sun. And yeah, that is the daylight we see from panel 2 and on, seems like the girls had a very late night out.

The place has changed from last we were there way back on page 28. You may recall that Sabrina and Sun sleep on the couches and it looks like they share the same tastes in pirates and pillows. Neither is too keen on ‘tidy’ though, but who has time for that between, training, sleeping and partying?

Dan Head helped me indirectly with the last part of this page, so big thanks to him for the assistance. 😀