And that’s all she wrote for Monica, at least in the Television Championship Tournament.  Kat goes on to round 2, but not without some help from The Hell’s Belles. Monica really was out, but Kat had to lay it on with the Bronco Buster and then the running sitout power bomb.  Here’s a pretty good example of it here:

And the Bronco Buster:

Sabrina’s been keeping an eye on this match while talking with Vincent.  Obviously anyone in the TV tournament is cause enough for Sabrina to keep up with (she’s in the tournament now too, remember?) but when The Hell’s Belles are concerned, you can never take anything for granted, including the ending of a match.

Stay tuned for continuing developments. 😉

Big News
The Rival Angels Forum is up!  And can you believe that the Krystin Moline Fanclub is in full swing already?  Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself.  Krystin even answered some questions from the Fanclub already.  We have a good time in the comments and the forum isn’t going to replace that.  The forum is a place to take some discussions to another level, about Rival Angels, wrestling, or anything else, as well as all of the other fun stuff that comes with socializing on the boards.  If nothing else, check it out and if you get a chance, say HI .