One Hundred Pages! Theoretically, I always knew it was possible , but in practice I always thought the odds were against me. Not anymore! 100 pages and not a missed update and I’m proud of that. Thanks for reading the last 100, the next 100 is only going to get better. You know what is crazy? We’ve also just hit 1,000 comments ! How crazy is that to have 1,000 comments at the same time as the 100th page posts? So thanks for all of your great comments! Keep ’em coming. πŸ˜€

Its also fitting that Sabrina is in the middle of trying to exorcise her past failures against the woman that has only caused her pain and defeat in the past, for this 100th page. Also, Sabrina performs just a crazy cool turnbuckle dropkick with the fans firmly behind her. "Rope aided corner dropkick," is the official term and thanks to Miss HHH of the forums for helping track down the actual name for that move.

Loretta’s in some trouble, and some of that is her own fault for taking Sabrina lightly and is paying the price for it right now.

Thanks again for reading Rival Angels, and keeping up with, Sabrina, Krystin, Sun and Brooke, the four roommates who are in the fight of their lives against the best wrestlers in the world, while contending with personal and professional rivalries and trying not to kill each other. One hundred pages are now history, there’s a lot more to come!


Known web-wide as being super cool and amazing, Amanda and BetaJess did up this awesome piece to celebrate 100 pages of Rival Angels! Awesome AND funny, poor Krystin. LOL

Thank you very much ladies, you are the awesome!!! πŸ™‚ In case you’re not familiar with their work, Amanda and BetaJess do the webcomic, Salt The Holly , which is a hilarious adventure webcomic, and is a joy to read twice a week.