And the return of the Hell’s Belles. The last time we saw them was on Page 7 and Page 8. If you don’t recall, use the archives to check them out. As you can see, Chloe has softened her stance towards Sabrina a bit. Or maybe there’s something else to it? Chloe’s a tricky one.

This is the formal introduction of the Hell’s Belles. Page 7 is the first time we see Chloe and the chapter is even named after her. Seems like she might be a pretty important aspect of this story and Rival Angels in general. 😉

Brooke’s good at being the center of attention and is working for it here.

I got kind of wordy towards the end there, and normally covering up characters is a no-no, but I thought it’d be okay here as the principal speakers are all clearly seen.

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