FAWN grabs the lead with wins by Lenore Lemarchand over Professor Shannon McCourt, and Crimson Dawn over Cheerleader Serisette. Def Tech herself, Krystin Moline was able to get the Irish girl, Mauve Kane to tap out to the Death Star Sleeper.

Going into the next match will be ULTRADRAGON, Sun and Sabrina against SCANDALOUS, Lucy Harker and Mina Murray. Can Ultradragon tie it up or will FAWN begin the sweep?

You can find more FAWN over at http://fawn-wrestling.freeforums.net but be wary of some NSFW for pretty ladies in little outfits.

Monica Rumble vs Trixie Decker
Sara Valentine vs Bunny Cooper
Snow Kitten vs Ivy Armstrong
Danielle Perfection vs Shea London
Cheerleader Nevaeh vs Kylie Sanders
Brooke Lennox vs Sayuki Matsumoto
Crimson Dawn
vs Cheerleader Serisette
Krystin Moline vs Mauve Kane
Shannon McCourt vs Lenore Lemarchand

Ultradragon vs Scandelous
Brenda Rua vs Abigail Williams

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