Here is a commission I had of Xtina going for the pin attempt on Sabrina. Will she get it? Sabrina’s not had a good time of it on these Monday updates, eh? XD

Here’s a little bit of my process:
I first sketch it out to make sure I have all the general placements and idea in place.

Then, I add the pencil marks to it. Some things get added or subtracted on the fly. Call it ‘artist inspiration.’

After everything looks solid, I then add the flat colors. I use flat colors and save it on its own layer because it makes changing or editing any colors later on a snap.

Schedule Break-Call for Fan Arts
I’ll still be updating but if anyone wants to send in any Rival Angels fan arts, this would be a magnificent time to send them in so I can share them on the site.

Voting Incentive!
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