This commission is of FAWN wrestler Sydney Deschain trapping Valley Doll in her patented finisher, the LAMENT CONFIGURATION. As you can see Doll is trying to break free, but she’s close to tapping. How will this finish out? Here’s the link to FAWN with some NSFW content.

The Rival Angels Kickstarter for the second half of Season 2 last Monday and today we’re over 73% of goal! That is freaking amazing!! Thanks to everyone who has supported the new book.

Season 2, Book 2 will collect the last 9 Chapters of season 2, clocking in around 240 full color pages. I’m super thrilled with the progress and not only hope that we’ll hit goal, but some of those Stretch Goals. Whether you want to get the latest book for your collection, or this is your first plunge into Rival Angels merch, take a look! You just might find something for you. Last time we hit 200% of goal!

Rival Angels Season 2 - Book 2 -- Kicktraq Mini


Honestly, there’s not much for me to say here. No titles changed hands, almost none of the peeps I like won and mostly transparent booking. It WAS nice to see Sami do well and the New Day may have finally won me over as faces. What the hell was up with Brock NOT fighting Bray?

Credit WWE

Credit WWE