SHE. DID IT. The crowd even brought streamers. Heh.

At long last, Sabrina’s gotten what she’s wanted, the World Championship. I’m thrilled to finally share this with you, it’s been a crazy long time.

There’s no coincidence that Sabrina pinned Brenda here. Brenda, the person who posts here is wonderful, but Brenda the Rival Angels character has always been Sabrina’s main antagonist, her biggest challenge and the measuring stick for what Sabrina can be. Fans of both Sabrina and Brenda can muse about what would happen in the inevitable rematch, one on one. The seal of approval by Gabrielle and the fans is the icing on the cake for Sabrina.

There will be plenty of questions. ‘Can she do it again, one on one with either Brenda or Camille?’ ‘How long can she hold the belt?’ These questions best answered by you, dear reader. There are plenty of obstacles to overcome and goals to shoot for in the future of Sabrina, Sun, Krystin and Brooke.

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